In 2004 we had a dream and we decided to go after it. There was a passion that drove us to fulfill this dream. We joined art, efficiency, and our experience. We also knew that the right thing to do was to build a teamwork with the best weavers, as well as follow our heritage: our millenary cultures.

We have achieved a very prosperous enterprise by following these traditions, together with an exhaustive supervision and years of studying the various yarns. To satisfy the most demanding taste, it is not only necessary to create customized designs but to continually add new and different weaving techniques – always handmade – using the finest Peruvian natural fibers such as Alpaca, Llama, and Highland Wool. As a result, your rug will enhance your decoration and will evoke a little bit of our past.

We are proud to work with architects and designers around the globe and weave our rugs for their high-end projects, that include homes and hotels in Peru, USA, Canada, and Europe.




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