Weight: 0.441 lb/ft2 – 2.150 Kg/m2

Alpaca, Llama and Wool rugs entirely hand-loomed using the finest fibers from the Puno region of southern Peru. Our artisans follow the ancient flatweave techniques of the Andes, producing double-woven and double-faced rugs with a tight surface that can be strikingly different from side to side.

There is the main design on the front part and stripes at the back. They are truly two rugs in one … one for winter … one for summer.

The different wool fibers are hand dyed using the finest Swiss dyes. All rugs are fully moth-proofed and colorfast.

Natural wool (alpaca, llama, and sheep) ages gracefully, continually renewing itself and developing a rich patina as years pass. The value of the wool fibers is as long-lasting as the fibers themselves.