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Brapal Art is a Peruvian company established in 2004 as a means of expression of Peruvian artcraft through contemporary design.

Our objective is to work together with our clients to design the rug that reflects the unique style of each person, with both elegance and modernity.  Thus we are continually adding new and different  techniques, always producing handmade products and using the finest Peruvian natural fibers, such as alpaca, llama, and sheep wool.

We reaffirm our admiration for the art of our weavers, who masterfully create unique pieces with designs that can be either simple or complex, with a minimalist style or with an ethnic touch.

In Brapal Art we are very committed to our clients’ satisfaction; that is why we look very carefully into every step of the design and production process of rugs.


C.C. Caminos del Inca Tienda 61 - Chacarilla - Lima 33 - Perú

Telf: (511) 379-8306 / (51) 995-317-600 l E-mail: