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Your Brapal Art rug is an important investment and should be preserved as any other artwork pieces you have at home.

Here are some benefits you get from your Brapal Art rug.  You have acquired a rug made with natural fibers (Alpaca, Llama, Wool), so keep in mind these special characteristics:

1. Naturally  resilient.  Each  wool  fiber  has  a  three-dimensional  spiraling crimp that gives it natural 

2. Naturally flame retardant.

3. Naturally  resistant  to  soil  and  dirt.  The surface of  a  wool fiber is covered by a  thin protective 
    membrane which gives wool its ability to shed water.  Besides, the fiber is made up of overlapping
    scales arranged like roof shingles.  These scales keep dust and dirt near the surface where it
    can easily be released by vacuuming.

4. Easy maintenance.  Just vacuum once or twice a week and your rug will look beautiful for years
    to come.

5. At times of high humidity, wool fibers absorb moisture and then release this moisture again when
    the atmosphere is dry.

6. Wool keeps the air free of many harmful pollutants, continually purifying indoor air for up to 30 years.

You will notice that there is shedding when you receive friends and they walk on your rugs.  It is a totally normal process in all rugs made of natural fibers.  Just vacuum and your rugs will look beautiful again.  As you continue enjoying your rugs, this shedding process will diminish. 


1. Vacuum your rug regularly – once or twice a week.

2. Clean spots quickly

3. Use the services of a professional rug cleaning company once a year.

But accidents happen – the kids, the dog, a clumsy party guest.  In fact, removal of spots and spills is one of the most crucial areas of rug maintenance. When anything is dropped or spilled, quick response with the proper cleaning material can save the day...and your rug.

When accidents happen:  

1. Blot up liquids with white paper towels or absorbent cloth; scoop up solids with the end of a knife
    or spoon. 

2. Treat the spot with any of these cleaning solutions:

        a) Mix one teaspoon of clear dish washing liquid or detergent powder (containing no bleaches 
            or strong alkalines) with a cup of warm (not hot) water. This solution must be well rinsed
            with clear water.

        b) Use laundry soap (containing no bleach).

3. Apply spot removal agent to clean towel or cloth, not directly to the spot. Use small quantities at
    a time. Always work inwards from the edge to prevent spreading. Do not rub, as this may 
    cause the spot to spread or distort the pile. Do not over-wet the carpet pile.

4. Afterwards, blot as dry as possible with clean towel.

In grocery stores and hardware stores, you can find very good products for spot removals.  Read the instructions before using the product in order to keep your rug in top shape and beautiful.

Thank you for taking a Brapal Art rug into your home.

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